We are thrilled that you are interested in a career in Rainoil. At Rainoil, we empower our people to grow their careers through meaningful work, training, coaching, and we provide opportunities to make a difference within and outside the organization.
If you are smart, diligent, innovative and interested in a career in Marketing, Sales, Finance, Business Strategy, Engineering, Information Technology amongst others, then you are the one we are looking for.
We need individuals who are passionate and willing to grow to the highest level in the organization while contributing to the growth of the Organization.
Would you like to join “RAINOIL CHAMPS? A Rainoil Champ is smart, knowledgeable, energetic, amiable, humble, exudes confidence, has a positive mien, always neatly dressed.
Can you demonstrate The Rainoil RITES? Respect, Integrity, Teamwork, Excellence and Safety


Giving due regard to each other, customers, suppliers and other external stakeholders, in all situations.] We hold deep regard for the rights and feeling of others. We recognize the importance of everyone.


We can be trusted, we are honest. We mean what we say, we make it happen. We are fair in all we say and do. We express ourselves honestly, candor is our guiding principle.
Achieving efficiency and effectiveness by working together through communication, collaboration and knowledge sharing. We know that true greatness only comes from collaborative work – a true team, with a common purpose, supporting each other. As long as we are here, we are stakeholders. We behave as owners of the business, in every way we can. We take initiative in the interest of Rainoil and in the interest of every Rainoil person. We understand that open communication is essential for a great team, a great Rainoil. We listen to each other; we encourage everyone to speak up! #wespeak


The Rainoil Person does everything in an outstanding manner. We take pride in delivering extraordinary work. We distinguish ourselves through creativeness, accountability, discipline and laser focus. We don’t deliver halfhearted work. We are driven to operate at our very best, and then we push beyond that because, our best is not a finite point. This drive shows in everything we do, how we do things.


The health and safety of every single stakeholder, and of our environment are of paramount importance to us. Every action we take, every decision, will reflect this. There is no compromise!


We attract talents with potentials across the nation to help us meet our business objectives.

Due to our business expansion over 3 year period we have hired trainees, managers, senior level employees to join our team.