Rainoil Limited Celebrates 25th Anniversary

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Rainoil Limited Celebrates 25th Anniversary

Rainoil Sport Day

Rainoil Limited has once again demonstrated its dedication to encouraging healthy living, exercise, and staff camaraderie by kicking off its 25th-anniversary celebrations with sporting activities in Lagos. Tagged ‘Rainoil Sports Day,’ it promotes employee health, competitiveness, motivation, team spirit, and bonding to help them perform better at work. The main aim of the Sports Day is to promote unity and harmony via the involvement of employees from “Team Integrity” and “Team Excellence”. The celebration also featured a novelty match between Rainoil and Eterna Plc, a sister company. 

Dr. Gabriel Ogbechie OON, Group Managing Director of Rainoil Limited, stated at the event that the company is committed not only to the development of the petroleum downstream value chain, which is critical to Nigeria’s economic growth but also to the growth of its employees, whom he described as the company’s greatest asset. 

According to him, promoting fitness is one of the most beneficial decisions that any organization can make to inspire its employees to realize their maximum potential, and the sports day gives a bonding opportunity for employees to work out with other colleagues while taking a vacation from their job. “I am quite enthusiastic about the festivities planned to commemorate our 25th anniversary. As you can see, a large number of our employees are here to participate in the sports day, demonstrating their willingness to work hard since only a fit mind can be productive. 

“As a matter of fact, this is 25 years of amazing accomplishment, and we are mindful to return all the praise to God who has been our aid so far, because statistics reveal that 80% of companies fail during the first five years of their foundation,” he remarked.

He stated that the Sports Day is only to commemorate their anniversary, but that the company is dedicated to numerous social investment projects around the country, particularly in their host communities, on an annual basis. He also confirmed that a special CSR event would be held to commemorate the anniversary.

Drills, scrabble, chess, spoon and egg race, sack race, 50m dash, relay race, tug of war, three-legged race, and football were all part of the sports day.

Rainoil Limited Thanksgiving Service.

 To further celebrate the 25TH Anniversary, Rainoil did not forget to give thanks to God. The holy book says, “In all things, give thanks”, as an organisation who reference God in all we do, held its Thanksgiving Service at the Head Office. The service was opened with a word of prayer from one of the staff, followed by various hymns and a prayer session. It was indeed a colour event, as the staff came wearing uniformed Ankara.

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